Taking a fresh look at your insurance coverage as it relates to your risk profile is advisable - by Spencer Macalaster

2017 was the year of the catastrophic weather and fire event, with three major hurricanes hitting Texas, Florida and the Caribbean, two major fires in California, and an earthquake in Mexico; worldwide catastrophes reached epic proportions.

Changes and trends impacting the property management field in 2018 and beyond - by Robert Marcus

Checking in midway through FY 2018, there are a multitude of changes and items trending in the real estate market that will impact all aspects of the rental housing industry. From a management perspective, making adjustments to meet tenant

Day-to-day management of a restaurant is simply an issue of “managing” - by Dennis Serpone

Like most of you who are reading this article, you manage your business every day. Whether, physically in the office or from a ‘hidden bunker in the basement of an undisclosed bldg.’, your business has to be managed. Much too often ‘management’

BOMA Boston update - upcoming programs, golf and TOBY winners

Boston, MA On June 5th, BOMA Boston held a Roundtable on the topic of “The Future of Work.” Julia Georgules, senior vice preside...

IREM Boston, Conn. and R.I. hosts regional networking

Boston, MA Institute of Real Estate Management Boston, Connecticut and Rhode Island chapters hosted 2018 Northeast Regional Networking ...

Insurance provides money to keep your company up and running after unanticipated events - by Spencer Macalaster

Spencer Macalaster is an executive vice president and real estate practice leader with Risk Strategies Co., Boston. ...

Ten steps a property manager can take to prevent fraud in your community association - by Bryan Hughes

As a homeowner who lives in an association, you put a lot of trust in the people designated to manage your association’s money. So it can come as quite a shock if you discover that one of those people has been stealing from your association’s funds.

Assis of Chestnut Hill Realty wins NAAEI’s CAMT of the Year award

Chestnut Hill, MA Chestnut Hill Realty (CHR) said that Dienyson Assis, senior service technician for Hancock Estates apartments, has been se...

When in need of property management services, why First Realty Management Corp., AMO? - by Frank Cevetello

The effective management of residential and commercial property can have the greatest impact on that property’s financial well-being and aesthetic appeal. First Realty Management has delivered positive results to property owners for 65 years.

IFMA Boston names 2018-2020 Board of Directors

Boston, MA The Boston chapter of the International Facility Management Association (IFMA), a non-profit association dedicated to serving the...